FAQs / Can you explain with a little more detail what are your criteria and standards to be listed in your Directory ?

Our criteria to be listed on Travelindex.com is very simple: you have to be a genuine business (hotel, tour operator, travel agency, car hire, etc) in the travel and tourism sector with a physical address and contact.

We REFUSE to list all the websites using, and abusing, the terms: travel or tourism website, official website, travel guide or tourism portal when in fact they are just a collection of links to parked pages, affiliate companies links, Google AdSense links, booking engines, etc.

We believe that these websites are in fact cloaking the search results of Google, Yahoo, MSN and hindering genuine travel operators to be found easily. The genuine operators must compete for traffic with these sham websites called AdSense traps, sportals, splogs, and flogs, which divert users to irrelevant and no-content sites.

As we advocate direct-link to genuine operators we would like to see on the websites of approved listings a ‘Contact Us’ page with ALL contact details of the company including telephone and email address. If a visitor is taking time to read about your business, make it easy for him to contact you or better to book with you.

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